Church Space

The church has a well equipped hall, with (disabled access) toilets and a kitchen. The church nave does not have pews, so the full width is usable with 90 comfortable chairs – and 8 tables. The buildings currently provide a home for:

  • two pre-school music and movement groups (up to 3 years and another for 3s and 4s)
  • a weekly ballet & tap class & a weekly fitness class
  • a dancing class
  • a regular Bell Plates (U3A) group
  • a Zumba group
  • the Innerwheel monthly meeting
  • the Food Bank uses the hall, for a short time, several weekdays a week, for more info consult the Galashiels Food Bank
  • Milk bottle tops
    A team of volunteers use the church on at least one Monday evening a month to sort milk bottle tops. A local firm buys them and the money raised goes to local palliative care projects. In 2017 the sum of £1200 was raised for Lavender Touch. If you are interested in knowing more about the project, being on the email list for updates or to come along to volunteer please contact Ruth Collin (a representative of Galashiels and District Rotary club) at
  •  Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) – &
  • Narcotics Anonymous (NA) – use the hall. For more info check the  websites

If you are interested in hiring the church, or the church hall for your own group, please get in touch with Elizabeth Watret using her information on the Contacts page. Note if you wish to book for a series of sessions, be sure to keep her advised if your contact details change.

To arrange access to the buildings and to advise how you want the chairs arranged – etc please contact Caretaker Phil Todd, whose information is on the Contacts page.