Ministry Leadership Team

The Ministry Leadership Team (MLT) supports our Priest-in-Charge, who we share with two other churches, by organising and undertaking many of the ministerial and administrative duties.

The MLT ( then called the Shared Leadership Team (SLT)) was first formed when our previous Rector was retiring in 2014. On 6th April 2014, following a “calling out” process the SLT was commissioned by Bishop John. It comprises five or six members of the congregation who were “called out” by the congregation as a whole. Collectively their duties cover pastoral care, home communions, sacristan and servers, reserved sacrament when there is no ordained clergy, actively encouraging members of the congregation to be involved in all services as leaders, readers, intercessors. Liaising with and being advised by the Priest-in-Charge on Spiritual Development. Prepare service sheets using the lectionary for collects, and readings. Administration including printing the service sheets, editing and printing the church magazine. Working with the Vestry regarding the practicalities of caring for the congregation and the church buildings.

In 2017 the “calling out” process was repeated and Bishop John then visited to commission the revised team:-

Who is on the Ministry Leadership Team*

Sheena Cossar
Karen Ellis
John Maltman

If you would like to contact a member of the Ministry Leadership Team, see the information on the Contacts page.