Prayer Life

As a church family we try to deepen our life of prayer in various ways. We have a Diocesan prayer booklet which some members of the church use and also a small booklet naming all the church members who are prayed for on a regular basis.

At the back of the church is a prayer tree where names of those needing prayer are written. These names are normally prayed for during the Sunday intercessions which are led by members of the congregation who feel drawn to this ministry.

We are aware of the need as individuals to make space for our prayer life to grow and be nourished, so that our corporate life becomes a lively and vital force in our witness in the world.

   For emergency prayer support contact :   Muriel: 01896 831 418 or Rhona: 01896 751 484


For Pastoral Care contact :   Monica Reynolds: 01896 757 114