Starting from 6th September 2020, as follows:-

Sundays at 10:30am there will be ‘Holy Communion’,  the 1st & 4th weeks, and ‘Service of the Word’ the 2nd & 3rd weeks. On the 5th Sunday in November there will be a Zoom on-line service.

Thursdays at 10:am there will be ‘Said Holy Communion’ held in the chancel of the church.

  • Numbers are restricted, to 25 on Sunday and 8 on Thursday. Please phone or email Sheena beforehand to let us know who will be attending. She needs to hear from you by Wednesday noon for the Thursday service and Friday noon for Sunday on 01896 751694 or We will be holding back a few slots for visitors.
  • We will keep a note of those attending for “Test and Protect” purposes.
  • On arrival you will be asked to sanitise your hands and we ask that you bring your own mask to wear (unless exempt). It may feel odd but remember wearing a face covering, when possible, is a sign of love for others as its primary purpose is to protect other people. It gives other worshippers confidence to join our services.
  • On your first visit you will be given a service book and we ask that you keep that book, write your name on it and bring it with you on subsequent visits. Also bring with you the weekly news-sheet that Sheena sends out. This reduces the need for excessive printing, which is good for our planet and reduces cross infection from books and papers.
  • Seating will be arranged to maintain social distance between households. Please sit as directed by the Welcomer.
  • We will not be able to sing during the service, however the organ will be played before, after the service and during communion. We are exploring having a solo voice singing and other permitted ways of including music.
  • Communion will be in “one kind” (bread only) and will be brought to you in your seat.
  • At present we are not allowed to serve tea and coffee or mingle in the church afterwards. The Welcomer will guide people to leave household by household. We are free to converse outside provided we maintain the Scottish Government rules for social gathering – no more than five households per day and maintain two metre distancing.

Services in other places

From time to time services will be held in Oakwood Park, Abbotsford Park, Hazeldean and also TESCO.

Other Church Services

These services are not scheduled in the usual life of the Church. They are requested by members of the public, from time to time.